You Look Just Like Your

Dad is what i usually get. “If you shaved your head you would look just like your dad.” well thanks for the compliment, i guess? But people also tell me I look like my mom, just not as often as my bald headed dad; I’m the perfect combo of two people who love each other enough to bring a wild and crazy tattooed (not a part of my parents vision, but whatever) child into the world.

I was looking through some of my mom’s old pictures of her when she was growing up and i swear someone instragramed or hipstamaticed a picture of me as a little girl. I said “Mom, is this a picture of me or you?” she replied “it’s a picture of me, can’t you tell?” Now, I could totally see my mom in the picture, but it’s fuckin mind boggling how much it looks like me.

Now you be the judge and tell me this doesn’t look like a picture of your favorite tattooed jackass friend and/or relative that will do anything just a get a laugh out of you.

My Mom: The OG Hipster

Me: Trying to make a headband worn of the back of my head fashionable